Thursday, May 19, 2016

About this "Starting Over" stuff...

   It's harder than it looks! I think I planned on feeling like 'Tawanda' in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes; you know, all girl power and charging forward with new things in life? But instead, I have many more days of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", lol.
   There are lots of decisions I'm not prepared to make, projects I don't know how to do, and funding that needs to come from who knows where..... But as my darling daughter tells me, "there's a YouTube video for everything". She's right, there is!
   As many of you know, I recently moved back to sunny California; Bakersfield, to be exact, (more on that later...)from Washington. 
Going from a rural, green and lush area to a cement covered, busy, bustling small city is quite an adjustment!

I'm also working on the remodel of a 
1967 Vintage 
(as I like to call it) 
                                  Mobile Home.
 This is something I've never attempted before, 
hence the YouTube videos, ha ha.

     Things in general grow pretty well here, but I'm learning about the watering schedules because of the drought,and that what's a perennial in Wa. is an annual here and vice-versa. I haven't killed off too many plants yet, but it could happen.


There's the new shop space to work on;
 with a whole new customer base and preference to get to know. 
It's amazing to me how much styles and tastes can change from one state to the next, even though they're not that far apart!

So all in all, I'm adjusting. It's so embarrassing to see that I haven't updated this poor blog in almost 2 years!!! I've promised myself that as I settle in to life here, I will do better.
We'll see. 
In the meantime, 
I am choosing to adopt this new (to me) state of mind.... 
Hoping you will all come along for the journey!