Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Whew! What a Weekend....

 Just to be clear - I am not a person who likes change. I like to know what to expect, and yes, I REALLY DO hate surprises! So, when Dixie & Linda (the Funky Junk Sisters) announced that they were moving their Junk Salvation show to the Puyallup Fairgrounds this year, my heart skipped just a little beat. I knew in my head it would be a much better venue...easier to find, more ambiance, room for more vendors, etc; but in my heart, I still had a nagging 'fear' of the unknown.

I should have known better than to worry!
This turned out to be our best show ever.....
 Usually we have our favorite 'French Country/Paris' style that we like to do, but this show had BARNS! So we decided to add a bit of Country and just a dash of Western to the mix.

This Vanity and bench sold... 
one of my best display pieces!

Along with almost all of  my 'Farm Fresh Eggs' signs, and a few barbed wire wreaths.

 Debbie's custom 'Bohemian Style' loveseat
            was snatched up right away 
by a very lovely lady who wasn't even in the market for a sofa!

We also had a small area where we just LET LOOSE with the wildest greens we could find! 
They went perfect with the vintage fabric on a restored old wicker rocking chair.

All in all...we had the BEST TIME EVER! 
A big THANK YOU to Dixie & Linda for all of their hard was fabulous as usual; and to all of our customers- both old and new. 
We really appreciate your support!
Check out our Facebook page for a few more photos, and an exciting 'news flash'!

(and Norm, Debbie, Vern and company)