Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This is not usually a feeling that I experience... 
but this morning I discovered  something that just shattered my false sense of relative 'security' in my home.
 Now, I do realize that I live in a rural area, surrounded by 300 acres of pasture land with several creeks nearby; 
but things here have always had an order about them.

We do hear and see coyotes out in the field...but they leave us alone and we don't bother them. After all, they were here first.

And I have learned to deal with the garter snakes we come across quite frequently. They stay in the yard and help keep the field mouse population under control. 

I have even learned to deal with the litter of stray kittens that were born under our porch recently. (They ARE kind of cute- but NO, we're not keeping them!)

But I absolutely, positively,
 CANNOT handle a BAT in my bathroom!  
And yet there it was! I had to look twice! Then again! Then I had to close the bathroom door and frantically text my husband at work to let him know how unacceptable this was....
(ok...brace yourselves... I have pictures!)

 Can you see it? Right there at the top of the shower wall, upside down, near the ceiling!!!

What nerve!

Do you know what my charming, darling husband said?  "Don't hurt the bat...they're protected in this state. We'll deal with it when I get home."
Really??? Don't hurt the bat???
Seems to me the bat broke the unwritten agreement that came with the house; that everything should stay in it's proper dwelling place! 
I say all bets are off!
(Guess that bathroom remodel won't be happening anytime soon....)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Love / Hate...

 I have a love/hate relationship 
with the blackberries in and around my yard...
  Mostly though, it's love! I think I really wanted this house because the blackberries reminded me of growing up in Pa. and picking berries 
all summer long, down by the creek. 
A very happy time for me!
 Now we have our own creek.... 
and more berries than you could shake a stick at!
However, I do think that something more
 may be needed under these circumstances...

Sooooo, if anyone has seen any stray goats,
 just wandering around  lookin' for somethin' to do-  by all means, send 'em on over!
 (we'll save ya some berries!)