Thursday, July 18, 2013

What ever happened to Main Street?

  I recently visited 
Main Street 
in the small town of Buckley, Wa. 


  As I stood inside my friend Katie's shop- The Queen's Ransom- looking out the window at the numerous vacant buildings on this street, I couldn't help but wonder....

       What happened to this charming little town?

It has beautiful flowers....
ample parking.....some pretty good 
places to eat 
(and drink!)....
charming historical architecture.....mostly friendly people.......


Having recently moved to another small town (South Prairie), which is practically non-existent, (another story for another day...), I can't imagine that this once thriving little town of Buckley has been allowed to dry up and almost disappear.

Main St. has easy access off  Hwy. 410, so it's not hard to find. In fact, it's easier than both Sumner and Enumclaw- which seem to be teeming with cute little shops and places to lunch. 
I just don't get it!

I picked up this flyer today for one of the vacant store fronts. It's 1200 sq. ft., nice windows, newly painted, air conditioned, new flooring, AND INCLUDES UTILITIES! For 1050.00 a month! Where can you find a deal like that nowadays?

       I'm not saying it's perfect for any 'retail giants', but it sure would be perfect for a talented entrepreneur with a determined spirit! Buckley could sure use a cute little clothing shop,(maybe consignment clothing?), an art gallery, or something fun, something charming,..... 
something exciting enough to wake up a sleepy Main Street that's been resting way too long !

       In this climate of  
"go green, recycle and reuse", wouldn't it just be inspiring to apply those ideas to this charming little town? Rejuvenation is a wonderful thing.......
Just sayin'.....

(p.s. I do not personally know any of the owners of these buildings,
          nor am I being compensated to promote any vacancy they may have.)