Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Few Pics from Portland...

So, things are getting back to normal around here- construction, crafting, painting, garden rehab.....the usual stuff. I thought I would post a couple pics of our space at 
the Hillsboro Show outside Portland.
 (still working on getting that new camera, 
I'm sure you'll see why!)
These are some of our "French Pastry" pincushions; stuffed with lavender and embellished with old lace, silk ribbons and German glass glitter pins. Quite a few found new homes in Oregon!
This is a fun old dresser that brought a touch of Spring to our winter-weary friends!
My favorite piece of salvage art.... an old handle from a friend's new place, in a carved, crackled frame. ( I was hoping it wouldn't sell so I would have a reason to keep it! So far, it's still mine...)

...And that about sums up our latest escapades in the great state of Oregon. We did find a really fabulous Mexican restaurant where all the locals ate- could NOT believe the prices and the amount of food we had! Might be worth the trip just for that....hmmmmn 
In the meantime, watch for updates on our next show in Tacoma- 2nd Saturdayz! Gotta love it!


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