Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's Taken A Year...

     It's taken me a year to adjust to the loss of a friend and the closing of a business. When you're young, a year can seem like a LIFETIME! Now that I'm older (ahem), I hardly realized that much time had passed. I began to notice it this week- when I woke up, I somehow felt 'lighter' inside.
    Maybe it was the beautiful sunrise I saw from my   
    Maybe it was that my daffodils and pansies were finally 
   blooming...a sure sign of Spring
   Maybe it was that I finally had the energy to start on my 
  laundry room- barnwood wall and all!
   Or maybe it was just that I finally allowed God to do 
   what he does best.... grant me peace of mind!
                                (Gratitude is a wonderful thing!)

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